Loyal3 Review

Loyal3 is a blue chip stock trading website that offers 100% fee-free investing. In this Loyal3 review, we will take a deeper look at what’s on offer and see whether this ever-growing stock trading firm is right for you.

Is fee-free investing too good to be true? What’s the catch? What are the limitations? We will answer all of these questions and more by the end of this review.

So, what is Loyal3 and will it work for you? Let’s find out.

Brief Overview

Loyal3 is a fee-free investing platform that lives by the motto Own What You Love.

Its aim is to connect companies directly with small-scale investors, allowing everyday men and women the chance to own shares in the brands they trust and care about.

There’s also a heavy focus on IPOs at Loyal3. 15 firms have gone public through the platform, and it is possible for you as an investor to get in on IPOs by using it for as little as $100.

It is also possible to own partial stock with this firm, meaning you and buy a percentage of a stock, rather than the whole thing.

For example, if you don’t have the capital to buy a whole share of Apple, but you want to invest anyway, you can buy 10% of an Apple share, and slowly increase the amount you own over time.

This may not be a great choice for experienced, advanced traders since you can only buy and sell stocks and trades are only executed once per day.

If that’s all you want to do, however, Loyal3 is definitely worth a closer look.

Who Should Consider It

Complete Beginners – Since it is simple and easy to use, Loyal3 will be great for the novice investor.

Cost Conscious Investors – Fees eat into profits quickly. This form doesn’t charge any, so if you are looking for fee-free investing, this could make a great choice.

IPO Investors – IPOs are exciting and there is often a huge price swell when the firm first goes public, giving you a chance to make profits quickly.

Likes & Dislikes

Like all the platforms we review, there are things we like about Loyal3 and things we aren’t so keen on.


Low Minimums – You can get started from as little as $10, unlike with many other brokerages where you will need thousands of dollars to start trading.

Fractional Shares – You can buy and sell percentages of shares, such as 10% of a share in Google.

Fee-Free – There are no fees to buy and sell stocks.

No Inactivity Fees – There is no minimum trading activity required to keep accounts active, and no inactivity fees.

Auto Investment Plans – You can set up automatically recurring investment plans on a monthly basis.

Super Easy Interface – Buying and selling Google stock is literally as easy as googling. It couldn’t be simpler.


Slow Execution – All orders are placed once a day at a set time, meaning the price you buy or sell at could be drastically different from the price you get in actuality.

Limited Choice of Securities – You can trade around 70 stocks and IPOs. There is no options trading and no other securities available.

Limited to US Residents – This brokerage isn’t open to international investors. For international beginner investors, eToro might be a better choice.

Lack of Features – While it is easy, it is also as basic as they come. There are virtually no extra tools, and no research aids.

No Trading Platform – There is no platform per se, but rather a simple buy/sell order form.

No Retirement Accounts – If you are looking to invest for your retirement, this isn’t the broker for you. There are no IRAs or other retirement accounts.

Investment Offerings

You are strictly limited to blue-chip stocks at Loyal3, specifically around 70 big brands like Amazon, Google, Alibaba, American Express, Facebook, etc.

There are also some IPOs throughout the year, and some follow-ons when companies expand.

You can start with as little as $10, but you will need a minimum of $100 to get in on IPOs.

There is also a maximum purchase limit of $10,000 per month, meaning this platform is definitely not for advanced, professional traders.

On the whole, then, Loyal3 is perfect for beginner investors who want to buy and sell the big brand names they trust and love.

It is definitely not for advanced-level traders who will find it limiting and will be put off by the lack of securities on offer.


There are literally no fees whatsoever associated with using Loyal3.

The companies you are investing in themselves pay all trading fees, so you won’t part with a penny to buy and sell these stocks.

As for inactivity fees, account minimums, account closure fees, transfer fees, and many of the other fees you might have encountered at other brokerages, forget about them.

Loyal3 is fee-free, and that means literally.

This is obviously fantastic for stock traders who want to increase the bottom line and do away with pesky fees eating away at profits. Just be aware of the monthly maximums, too, and perhaps consider using Loyal3 as part of an overall trading strategy if you are investing more than $10,000 a month.


There is no trading platform at Loyal3.

Everything is done through the website directly, and buying and selling are so simple that even if you have no experience whatsoever, you will be able to understand exactly what to do within minutes of registering an account.

All of that combined with the selection of offerings available makes Loyal 3 a great choice for beginners.​


You can use the site on your mobile device, too.

Again, there is no actual platform, and you can buy and sell as if you were shopping online. Suitable for both iOS and Android phones and tablets.



To place an order you will just need to select the company you want to buy or sell and enter the amount you want to invest.

Remember that you can buy partial stocks, so the figure doesn’t have to be exactly the price of x amount of shares.

You will also need to decide whether this will be a recurring monthly purchase or will be a one-off trade.

Once you have done this, you can execute the trade and it will be executed at the designated daily time.

The simplicity of this process is obviously appealing and will make life a lot easier for beginner level investors who may be uncomfortable using advanced trading platforms.

The downside is that the price you buy at might be different from the market price when the trade is actually executed. Be careful of this as it could be a sizable difference.

Order Filling

All orders are filled once per day at a specific time, and this is essentially the price you pay for fee-free investing.

Loyal3 does this to reduce the fees it has to pay, pooling all transactions into one large order.

Everything comes at a price, and you will have to consider if this is one you are willing to pay.

We have repeated this several times and will do so again here: the difference could be seriously big. Don’t overlook or underestimate this factor.


There is pretty much nothing in the way of research tools to help you make investing decisions.

You will need to use third party information, and even though all of the stocks you can trade here are massive, global companies, you should still do your research before investing your hard earned cash.

If you would like to use a platform that can provide extensive research tools, you might want to take a look at some other available choices.


You can reach the Loyal3 customer support team via e-mail or telephone. There is no live chat feature.

Alternatively you can save yourself the time and effort by making use of the extremely in-depth, excellent FAQ section on the site. This should answer just about every general question you might have.

Educational Materials

There is some educational support which can teach you the basics of investing if you are a beginner, but it’s nothing advanced and we have seen much better elsewhere.

Given how simple Loyal3 is to use, and given that there is only one security type you can trade, what is available is probably enough to get you started.

Still, we recommend taking the time to learn at least the basics of stock trading through both the Loyal3 educational hub and third party information.

This should not be taken as a whole or complete source in itself. The basics are covered, but there is a lot more you will need to know before you can invest effectively.

Loyal3 Review Final Verdict

So is Loyal3 worth using?

We think it is ideal for casual or beginner traders who want to stick with the safety of big brand names they trust. It’s a basic tool which is fun and easy to use, and it serves its purpose perfectly.

Advanced traders will probably want to look elsewhere or use it as part of a bigger overall strategy.

The fee-free investing element is by far the best feature, but there is a lack of tools and information, and you are limited to blue-chip stocks.

There’s no reason to avoid Loyal3 and plenty of reasons to consider it. You just need to ask yourself if it suits your purposes as an investor and make a decision from there. From our side, we have no hesitation in recommending it.