How to Execute a Trade

How to Execute a Trade

So now that you have some charts and indicators, it’s almost time to learn how to actually execute a trade. But before we go into that, you need to determine what your trading style is. Every trader is different. If you choose a strategy that doesn’t suit your individual personality, you won’t do as well … Read more

Types of Technical Indicators

Technical Indicators

So let’s say you’ve got a forex chart set up. You’ve figured out what time frame you want to trade on and whether you want to use line, bar, or candlestick charts. Now it’s time to choose some indicators to put on your chart. So what is an indicator? An indicator is a piece of … Read more

Risk Management and Trading Psychology

risk management

Now that you know the basics of how to trade forex, we can finally get into the subject of how to actually succeed. You might think that success mostly depends on your ability to interpret charts and understand the behavior of price. But actually, that’s the easy part. The most difficult thing to do in … Read more

Trading Analysis

Trading Analysis

Different Types of Trading Analysis If you’re new to forex trading, you’ve probably read debates between people who advocate “technical analysis” as opposed to “fundamental analysis”. If so, you may wonder what these terms mean and which form of analysis is the best. The truth is there are many tools a forex trader can use … Read more

Currency Pairs

Currency Pairs - The Jargon and Terminology That You Need To Know

Now that you have had some form of introduction into the world of Forex trading, it is time to learn a bit more about the most important aspects of this type of trading, the currency pairs themselves. You wouldn’t start a card game without knowing how many cards are in the deck and the same … Read more